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This page details the latest updates to the site. Remember the site is only as good as its content, we are always looking for new items, so if you have anything you feel would be of interest to AEA members you can get in touch using the Contact Webmaster link at the bottom of every site page. Thank You


August 2011 - New Guest Book

Due to poor use of the Forum a new guest book has been sourced and installed. You can access it via the main tool bar on every site page.. The Forum is still in place and can be accessed via a link under the Site Navigation menu on the Home page

August 2010 - The Guest Book

The provider we used to host our guest book have withdrawn the service to all customers. We do have the forum as an alternative, please take the time to check it out register and post. If you have any questions on using the forum please feel free to contact me via the contact webmaster form link at the bottom of every site page

August 2010 - Discussion Board (Forum)

A Discussion Board has been added, which is available via the AEA Forum link under the site navigation section of the home page. This is a great way to communicate and get a bit of banter going, or even discuss more serious subjects, whether they are AEA related or not. We are working on a written guide for those of you unfamiliar with discussion boards. In the meantime please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments regarding this board by using the contact webmaster form (available via the link at the foot of each site page)

Video Format Change

The change from the previous Flash Video format to DivX has been done primarily because DivX allows video quality to be retained but with greatly reduced file sizes. For example, the Arnhem video we have on site at the moment is less than half the size of other formats with little or no loss of quality from the original. Once the DivX web player has been downloaded to your PC you will see it is very flexible, allowing you to view the video inside the default panel laid out on the web page, or as a separate resizeable window complete with video controls; you can also click another of the video controls to view full screen, simply press escape to exit full screen mode. At around 20 seconds into the video the background details such as the web browser window and video controls will fade so you can focus on the video content without any on screen distractions. If you have any problems just let me know, click on the feedback link above to send me an email

Video Controls

Video Controls

Mini Player

The About Us page has audio included, which will appear in the panel shown below. It will load and play automatically when you open the page but will not loop; to replay simply click the play button. The music will stop when you open another page

Audio Controls

MiniPlayer Controls

1.- Previous Button
2.- Play Button
3.- Pause Button
4.- Stop Button
5.- Next Button
6.- Timer

7.- Song Data / Action Name
8.- Repeat Button
9.- Shuffling Button
10.- Equalizer
11.- Seeking Bar
12.- Volume Control