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Scotland - June 2018
Gil Nicol - Secretary

We finished off 2017 by attending the P.R.A. Lothian Branch, Christmas Dinner Dance held at Royal British Legion, Rodney Street, Edinburgh on Friday 8th December 2017 where we all (ladies included) had a very good time. As usual we won a few raffle prizes.

2018 has seen the start of a New Year and before we knew it we had our first meeting in January.
Unfortunately we had to cancel our March meeting due to severe weather conditions, which was rescheduled for 15th April 2018.

On 20th May 2018 after our regular meeting we were treated to a presentation, by Lt Col. Chris Warhurst (Airborne Engineers) Army HQ Andover, of his time in Afghanistan coupled with the current equipment and capability of The Royal Engineers. He presented some airborne vignettes on Herrick 4 and also spoke about the future of The Corps.
He is currently in charge of all the equipment used by The Royal Engineers. Members from PRA Lothian Branch were also in attendance. This presentation was a great success and much appreciated by everyone present.

Unfortunately the severe weather conditions, over the last few months, has curtailed our activities.

Best Wishes to our colleagues South of the Border

Yours Aye — Gil Nicol

Scotland - December 2017
Gil Nicol - Secretary

On the 12th June 2017 members attended a memorial/wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of Corporal Scott Wilson (Ex 9 Squadron) who was tragically killed at the battle for Mount Longdon during the Falklands campaign. Paul Moore and Charlie McColgan travelled up from Durham to pay their respects as they had fought alongside Scott during this battle. The ceremony was held at The Eastern Cemetery, Edinburgh at 1300hrs. We then retired to The Guards Club where we toasted the memory of all the fallen service personnel. Paul and Charlie presented our Chairman, Douglas Archibald, with a photo montage regarding Scott Wilson which was gratefully received and will be hung at our meeting place of RBL Rodney Street, Edinburgh. "We will remember them."

Presentation from Charlie McColgan & Paul Moore to the chairman - Douglas Archibald

Armed Forces Day was held in Edinburgh on Saturday 24th June 2017. Members who attended joined up with some of our colleagues from PRA. Lothian Branch .We met at Johnstone Terrace, Edinburgh at 1100 hrs and marched off at the City Chambers.

Thursday the 3RD August saw the "Westies" (West Coast members) meet up in a local hostelry in Glasgow for a pub lunch and a few refreshments. Some of the East Coast members were also in attendance. We had a very good social day.

On 25th August some members met up with Alan Lochrie, RBL Grangemouth to finalise details of our remembrance service being held at Zetland Park, Grangemouth in memory of the 10 sappers killed whilst participating in Operation Trent Chase in 1975. While we were there our Chairman, Douglas Archibald, presented Alan with an Airborne Engineers Association Crest as well as crests from XV Para and The Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles ) Regiment. The last two were donated by one of our members, Gordon McLeod.
Our annual lunch was held on Saturday 2nd September 2017 at The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh. The lunch was very well attended and the ladies were a credit to everyone .This was the most attended since we started having these lunches and it was gratifying to see such a good turnout. Some of the ladies who attended had lost an AEA Scotland husband or partner and were invited along as guests of our branch. It was good to see them attend.
A Remembrance / Wreath laying ceremony was held at Zetland Park, Grangemouth, on Sunday 24th September 2017, in memory of the 10 Sappers who were tragically killed whilst participating in "Operation Trent Chase" in 1975. This was well attended as The Royal British Legion supplied a piper, bugler, standard bearer party and a contingent from RBL Grangemouth formed an additional honour guard .The local Cadet Forces (Army, Navy and Airforce) plus standard bearer were also in attendance as were some members from PRA Lothian Branch including their standard bearer. We also were privileged to have a 95 year old Sapper (non para) who turned up to pay his respects. There were also miscellaneous personnel in attendance.

Remembrance / Wreath laying ceremony Zetland Park, Grangemouth

When we were back at The RBL Grangemouth one of the members thanked us for remembering her brother (Raymond Buchanan) who was one of the sappers killed. We did not realise that she was a relative and were gratified to receive her thanks .There were approximately 50 personnel on parade. Although we at AEA Scotland had a lot of members missing due to illness, etc. we still had a good turnout. Some members travelled from Coldstream, The Borders and other distant places to attend. It was agreed that we keep this format for years to come.
We were informed that Frank Murray (Ex AEA Scotland Chairman) had passed away suddenly as well as a former member Peter Watt-- details in the Obituaries Section.
Some of our members attended the Airborne Engineers Association A.G.M. at Hull and had a very good time.
The Field of Remembrance, Princes Street Gardens,Edinburgh was officially opened on Monday 30th October and some members, from A.E.A. Scotland were in attendance. This was an all services gathering and it was good to see a fair show of "Cherry" Berets.

The Cenotaph Parade, London was held on Sunday 12th November and 4 members (Craig McQuade, Gordon McLeod, David Henderson and Gil Nicol) attended. It is always a privilege and honour to be allowed to participate in this memorable event.

AEA Scotland has been meeting regularly on the 3rd Sunday of the alternative month of the year with our forthcoming AGM to be held on Sunday 19th November 2017 at The Royal British Legion, Rodney Street, Edinburgh at 1230hrs.

Friday the 8th December some members will attend the PRA. Lothian Branch Christmas Dinner/Dance with their wives or partners, where they will hopefully have a good time and win some raffle prizes.

Best Wishes to our colleagues South of the Border.

"A Merry Christmas and A Guid New Year to Yin and A' "



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