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Yorkshire Branch - June 2017 - State of the Nation post Bill Rudd
Adam Frame - Chairman

As you are all well aware now, the Yorkshire branch suffered a devastating blow with the untimely death of our President nee Chairman Bill Rudd in January this year. Bill has had problems with his legs for many a year but soldiered on with his left ankle fused. He started to get pains in his right leg and in sum had it amputated. He then had extreme complications and had his left leg amputated above the knee also. His body couldn't handle the shock and he sadly passed away on 27 Jan 17.

That left the branch with a great hole to fill and some hard decision making regarding our future, after all Bill was a founder and the backbone. I jokingly used to call it the Bill Rudd Appreciation Society as many members were associated owing to Bill's friendship with them over the years. Our biggest problem was keeping that attendance and active membership flourishing after his departure. Fortunately at the first meeting without Bill all the Troops rallied around and we reached a workable future solution: Dave Mellors has been care taking the secretary's job since Mike Pallott retired but at 80+ years of age he deserves a break. So with huge gratitude for his support, Dave has now handed over to Mick Wallace — Secretary. Mick has been replaced by Ron Hadden, who very kindly stepped up as Treasurer. I remain as Chairman and had intended asking Mike Pallott to care take the President's position. Mike then magnanimously accepted the office on a permanent basis, which I was very grateful for indeed. So our new committee is as follows:
Chairman — Adam Frame, President — Mike Pallott, Secretary — Mick Wallace, Treasurer — Ron Hadden

We are now hopefully back in line and looking to the future albeit still mourning the loss of one of the associations' largest characters.
Regardless of our trials and tribulations, since the branches last report, I am pleased to say that the branch has forged forward from strength to strength. As well as proactively recruiting and not only seeing an increase in hard to find members, we have and maintain a strong presence at every meeting.

It has been said several times already but I would personally like to thank Bunny Brown and his crew for hosting us, and a super function again in Coventry last October.

We are already looking forward to this year's function in Hull hosted by 299 Association.






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