Lost Comms

This page has been included in the site to allow AEA members to list the details of someone they have lost contact with but would like to trace. Please send as much information as possible about the person you are trying to track down via e-mail to Dave Pace

Original message received via email 12th June 11

James (Jim-Paddy) Crozier


Over from Oz Ex 2 Troop 9th Indep Para RE, Staying in London have contact with Bud Grocock, and  Baz Henderson. Hope to catch up with more lost contacts before returning to Oz Ph 07404226800

From Nat Hague

I am trying to contact Eddie (the frog) Chalmers, I believe he continued to do some EOD work after leaving the Army. Mike (Daffy) Robertson has been trying to find him and as it is Mike's 50th this year it would be good to get the two of them together for a beer !

So Eddy, it you are out there - give me a call Nat Hague 07877 757670


Nat Hague

Just a quick line from an ex "hat". Bit of a shot in the dark, I am trying to get in touch with a few lads from 1 troop 20 Fld Sqn from 36 Engr Regt who ended up being part or 4 troop 9 Sqn, back in 82 and wondered if you could help:

John Gilmore ex 59
John Coaker, Essex boy
Wolfy Richards
Paul Williams, from Swindon
Pete Fields

Have fond memories of one of your lads, John Pashley who back in 81, he was part of the Permanent training staff 1 Training Regt, Gib Bks. Whilst the rest of the Squad of 81/9 (57 Sqn I think, grey matter not as good as it used to be) had passed their basic SLR weapons test, down at the Ash ranges and were taking cover under the trees as it was lashing out of the heavens that day, muggings couldn't hit the FIG 11's. John got into the rapidly filling firing point with me, persevered, got me to breath correctly and squeeze the trigger off, thus enabling me to classify . If it hadn't been for him I would probably been back squadded. About 30 odd started out and only 16 passed out, one of the lads by the name "Mark" went into 9 not long after we passed out, shame I can't remember his last name cos the last time I saw him was at Brize when the boys came back at the end of Corporate.

Would be grateful of any help,

Many thanks

Nick Bates

You can contact Nick via email

I am looking for an old mate that I was at the Army Apprentice School Harrogate with 1957-1959 before doing our basic training at 1TRRE Cove. I am led to believe he then went into 9 Para his name is 'J (Jock) Fraser' I am not sure what the J stands for. The first part of his army number would be 2350, I do know he was a keen footballer and his trade was a Carpenter and Joiner, he would be about 67 years of age now. I am not sure if the spelling of his name is correct!.

Any help you can give me in locating him would be most appreciated I have managed to track down about 60 of our intake so far but, it has taken me about 30 years.

I am also looking to contact an old mate Pete Thorpe who went into 9 Para in the early sixties he was an ex boy from Harrogate and his army number was 23503???

Also I. McLaren and J.W.McKenna

Best wishes


You can contact Fred via email

From Nick Gibson

I’m researching the bombing of the King David Hotel on 22nd july 1946 in Palestine. My Dad was there with – I believe – 286 Fd Park Sqn based at Nairserat Ridge in Gaza and was – I believe – the bulldozer driver present at the time they were uncovering survivors. I want to get in contact with anybody who was there at the time.

Nick Gibson
48 Phoenix Road
Lords Wood

07920 144064



Rod Galloway would like to contact Mick Tribble and Keith Cardy from the days at Haigh Lines.

I am trying to find more information on my great uncle who served with the 9th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers during WW2. I have read the book The Shiney 9th and have several photos but was hoping I could find out more info, pics, or to even speak to anyone who may have served alongside him. If anyone can help please
e-mail me. His name is Sapper Kenneth Clarke 1990921 KIA near Driel ferry in operation Market Garden. Thanks Michael

Paul Clowse served in The Squadron from 72 till 79 and would like to hear from anyone who knows him

From Peter Johnson
Does anyone have knowledge of Dicky Waites? A Londoner, he joined 9 Sqn from 2 Para Sqn and have beery memories of singing "Picking the dustbins in the West" at East End pubs during disembark leave on return from Palestine in March 48. 

From Geordie Ridgway I would like to know if anyone has heard anything of Geordie Richardson. He was in the squadron when I joined in 63, and he was still in when I left in 68. I know he applied for the S.A.S. but after that nothing. I still owe him a fiver, so with interest that may draw him out of the woodwork.