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Sandy Sanderson MBE


Following a prolonged period of ill health Sandy (did any of his colleagues know his Christian name?) sadly passed away on 17 April 2018. A larger than life character, full of fun and wit, he was the ideal candidate for 9 Indep Para Sqn.

Of course his charm and quick thinking allowed him to escape the wrath of the SSM and various OCs. But beneath his seemingly uncaring and casual attitude he was without doubt a very intelligent individual. On leaving the Sqn he went on to become an extremely competent and talented Bomb Disposal instructor and was later awarded the MBE in recognition of his valuable service. So many anecdotes could be written about Sandy, but perhaps best kept within the memories of his former colleagues.

Froth Beer writes:
I first heard rather than saw Sandy. He was busy explaining how Nelson's Victory could be clapped in irons if she failed to get her bows through the eye of the wind. Then she would have to wear ship which, of course, takes a lot more sea-room. As I was trying to get some kip I was not enamoured. This was Crookham circa 1969 and within a very short time it became clear that Sandy was a one off. A few years later we were running the Squadron bar together and during this time Sandy introduced and taught me how to sail. There is one vivid memory I have of Sandy it was in Hong Kong 1974 , after climbing up the steps to board the airplane at the top he turned around and with a lordly sweep of his arm shouted "Chogs Away" racist I know, but Jim Snape and I fell about That's the last vivid memory I have of Jim too , may they both rest in peace.

I always thought I would see Sandy again, that such a life force would always pull through. Alas it was not to be, Marion and Sandy came to visit me in hospital in 1976 and I never saw him again.



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