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Site News

Site News - Updated 25th March 2018

General structure of our new site design

Quick overview of what is detailed at some length below. The basic structure of the site is in place, it's completely usable, more content will be added over the next couple of weeks. Please do use the contact form to get in touch with any comments/suggestions/questions/concerns you have

Since starting work on the new design it has taken a lot of time consuming work to get the basic structure right but I think we're getting there. There's still quite a bit to do and not all the content has been added but we're working on that and you'll see more appear over the next couple of weeks. Lets start by taking a look at each of the main site pages in turn:

Home Page

  • Header and footer navigation buttons/links, which are common to ALL site pages
  • Sidebar navigation buttons to site main pages
  • Updates by our President and Chairman will be added as per Journal content when a new issue of the Journal is published
  • Just below the sidebar navigation buttons is the Site News box, clicking the link there will take you to this page
  • Just below the Site News box there are two further boxes, John Rock and Double Hills. it is intended, at the moment, to leave these in place as they both deserve a permanent position on the site. If it's necessary to change the use of these boxes in future we'll find another permanent home for the content
  • To the right of the President's update there are three more boxes. The top one will always be for the Gala Dinner OGM/AGM. Currently the other 2 do not link to any content, however this will change over time

Contact Page

  • Includes a simple web form allowing anyone to flag their comments as Complaint, Problem, Suggestion or Praise, as well as a link to site admin email address


  • Includes names of branch appointed Presidents, chairmen etc. and where available email links to contact them, as well as the same for the Executive and Advisory Committees
  • Links to a branch news page for each branch

Members Only

  • This is a password protected area of the site where information, such as minutes and AEA Journal articles can be viewed only by Association members who have had a password set up for them. It is intended at this time to have a password for each individual, which will mean some time being needed to set up and distribute passwords for existing members, a password can be issued to new members as part of the sign up process, with the password being issued to them when they receive their membership card. exact process subject to further discussion.

Shop Page

  • A fairly simple straightforward list of merchandise available, with details on how to purchase it. pretty much as it was on the previous site


  • The landing page for the photo albums is an index of of individual albums, click the relevant link to go to the album you want to view. You will see a series of thumbnail images, click one to view full sized picture, click browser back button to return to thumbnails and select another picture to view or click Photos button to return to the index

Roll of Honour

  • An index of obituaries from the AEA Journal in thumbnail image view. The page includes an alphabetic link list at the top and bottom of the page to allow you to jump to a specific section by surname. Click on a thumbnail to view obituary details, click your browser back button to return to the index


  • Same guestbook from the previous site

Join the AEA

  • Details on eligibility to join the AEA
  • A link to the Contact page to easily address any eligibilty questions
  • A link to the membership application form

About Us

  • Some information on who we are and what we do, a link to a slideshow (PowerPoint/PDF) about the AEA, as well as links to the AEA Constitution, Contact page (for eligibility queries) and the membership application form


  • Some content added but it's subject to confirmation, the intention is to add hints to assist with navigating the site as well as to address any specific queries visitors may raise with us


  • Basic updates carried out, however more research is being done regarding a legaly binding policy to protect the AEA and site visitors


  • Quick links to pages within the site


  • Links to relevant external sites




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