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Our site is here to represent all Airborne Sappers, we hope you find your visit to be interesting and informative. The association is a registered charity No: 1009201 and has a written Constitution to ensure that everything is legal, formal and abiding.

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Updated: 17th November 2018

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Updated: November 8th 2018


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Update by the Association President June 2018

I trust that the winter is now well and truly behind us and that the inclement weather did not cause too many problems for the members, although in my own case at least two events were cancelled owing to snow.

This year promises to be as normal, a busy one, with the usual commemorations being held, and I note that some branches are already planning visits to Normandy and Arnhem. This year represents the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One and although there were not any airborne soldiers in that war it was the first to be fought on an industrial scale with new mechanical innovations including aircraft. Who would have thought that within 21 years of the end of that conflict parachute soldiers would have appeared and be active in a new war?

By the time you will have received this journal some far reaching rules governing data protection will have been put in place, a fact that I expect many of you are already aware of. The General Data Protection Regulations came into force on the 25th May and your Executive Committee and Branch Secretaries have been working together to work out how the Association can comply with the legislation. In this issue is a Privacy Notice outlining the regulations and your rights under them appears, and later Consent Forms will be sent out to as many members as possible, either by email or post. Your co-operation is asked for so the Association can comply as quickly as possible with this legislation.

Looking forward, the last weekend in July sees the Regiment hosting an Open Day at Woodbridge to commemorate their 15 years at Rock Barracks and it will be good to see as many members as possible meeting up with old colleagues and their present-day successors.

On the 2nd September, there is the annual Double Hills service at Paulton which I will be attending. Also, the branches will be hosting various events throughout the year, culminating in the AGM and Gala Dinner being held at Chatham in October — make sure you book for this event at the home of the Corps. The final major event is the Cenotaph Service and Parade on Sunday 11th November and I know that John Ferry has already received requests for tickets so don't be late in the queue.

In the meantime, I hope to see as many of you as possible at these and other events during the year.

John Lee  Lt Col (Ret’d )
President, Airborne Engineers Association

Update from the Association Chairman June 2018

Hello Association Members, I do not have a lot to say for this update, which is usual covering the winter period. By the time you have read this, we will have held our National OGM at Potters Hotel, Aldershot. As I am writing this update before the meeting has been held, I obviously cannot comment on the outcome. We will however be discussing the outstanding matter raised at the AGM in Hull, regarding Proposition No 3, the proposal from Jim Doubtfire to buy £5,000 worth of Premium Bonds from our GPF account. After a few comments both for and against this proposition, I asked the floor to give me time to investigate the matter, especially with the Charity Commission. Wait Out.

Also mentioned at the AGM were the comments regarding the Association Website, and if you have not already seen it, there is a new live site, designed by our Webmaster, Dave Pace. There was previously some misuse of the site's Guestbook facility, We as an Association will keep an eye on this matter, as I certainly do not want a 'free for all' with childish comments against other members, and of course bad language etc. There is now a Members Only area, and 'work in progress so to speak'.

As you know our main gathering this year will be at Chatham, and I will leave that for their committee to inform you of events and booking procedures.

Lastly our parent Regiment will turn 15 years' old this year and the RSM has asked me to pass on this message:

23 Para Engr Regt turns 15 this spring and to mark the occasion we are holding several events over the summer, one of which is an open day on Rock Barracks (28th July) This will be open to yourselves as well as the local population and has historically been well received by all. Once the event is complete and all civilian guests have vacated 'Rock' we will be holding an Airborne Engineers re-union for the remainder of the evening which you are all invited to attend.

This will not be a traditional 'shot' type ABF as we, unfortunately, do not have 'the Peggy' and 'the Traf' on our door step, BUT it will give you an excellent excuse to get together, drink some booze, spin some dits, buy some merch and generally gob off about how you used to do it back then! Price for a ticket is TBC (no more than £10) but there will be food, entertainment and plenty of booze for the duration of the evening.

Please contact me, ASAP, if you would like to attend, so that I can assist the RSM in numbers expected.

J. J. Ferry

Message from our site Administrator

We're always looking for content for our site. It doesn't have to be related to your time in the Squadron, though that's always good, it can be about anything you're up to now. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has content we can post on our site. Please get in touch via the Contact page, either by the web form or email and I'll get back to you

Many thanks

Dave Pace

Life Vice Presidents

Bob Ferguson
Tom Ormiston
Fred Gray
Ray Coleman
Chris Chambers
Bob Prosser BEM
Dave Rutter

Total Membership Past and Present - 1,500



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