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Introduction by the Association President

As President of the Airborne Engineers Association I would like to welcome all visitors to our new web site, and I hope you find it not only of interest, but informative as well. This year the Association is celebrating its 20th anniversary and continues to maintain an important link for all former and serving members of the Airborne Forces who were, and are, privileged not only to wear the red beret but the Corps badge as well.

Visitors to our new web site
The web site will give you a full overview of the Association, including past, present and future activities and the Guest Book provides a good way of contacting Airborne friends, old and new.

John Lee  Lt Col (Ret’d )
President, Airborne Engineers Association

Message From The Association Chairman

As I have been in the chair (so to speak) for just over 4 years, I thought it was time to update my welcome message.

  The Association is always busy, albeit mainly at Branch level, fostering friendships and attending memorial events in the local areas to our fallen comrades.  At National level we have annual memorial events to attend, such as Double Hills, Remembrance and Cromwell Lock to name a few.  The best news this year has got to be the Re-titling of our parent regiment from an Air Assault title to ‘23 Parachute Engineer Regiment’.  Brilliant decision and about time that we as a Corps had a title befitting the role, rather than the complicated bracketing title system!  I always did wonder as a young Airborne Spr why 7 Para RHA had a title without brackets and we did not?  I know our other colleagues in the Airborne Family, also agree, so well done the decision makers from the Corps and higher command.  It was an honour to be at the re-titling and flag raising parade at John Rock Barracks with the Corps Band in attendance, striking up with ‘wings’ at the appropriate moment.  How things change over the years, as way back in the late 70’s, we were nearly disbanded as paratroopers and warned off to move to Maidstone! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our Association, be it at Executive or Branch level for the sterling work carried out.  You have not forgotten that the Association is here to foster friendships, reunions, and provide assistance to those in need, as well as attending important historical events within our Airborne Family.  Just what Joe Holston had in mind back in 1989 when he came up with the idea of forming an Airborne Engineers Association.

J. J. Ferry

Airborne Engineers Association Recruitment Poster

As at 22nd Mar 2016 total membership past and present 1,480

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