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About Us

The Airbornr Engineers Association is a registered charity, No. 1009201 and has a formal Constitution to ensure that everything is legal, formal and abiding, to include an AGM each year,

As at Dec 2017 total membership past and present is 1,485

Key objectives of the Airborne Engineers Association are

  • To maintain Contact between former and current members of the Corps of Royal Engineers to foster mutual support
  • To provide a focus for social and other gatherings of members of the Association
  • To provide assistance to members of the Association who require access to welfare support
  • To preserve the memory and traditions of airborne units of the Corps of Royal Engineers

Life membership of the Association is £25.00

The Association currently has an Executive Committee, an Advisory Committee and six branches, Aldershot, Birmingham, Chatham, Scotland, Yorkshire and 299 Association Hull

Presentation about the AEA

AEA Constitution


The Airborne Engineers Association (AEA) was formed in 1989 and is open to all personnel who have served, or are still serving, on the strength of any Airborne Engineer Unit.

This also includes parachute trained Royal Engineers who have served, or are presently serving with any Regular or TA unit, which has in its order of battle a parachuting capability. 

Membership may also be given to any person who in the opinion of the Executive Committee has rendered special service to the Airborne Engineers.

The Association currently has six branches:

  • Aldershot
  • Birmingham
  • Chatham
  • Yorkshire
  • 299 Association (Hull)
  • Scotland


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