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Our site is here to represent all Airborne Sappers, we hope you find your visit to be interesting and informative. The association is a registered charity number 1009201 and has a written Constitution to ensure that everything is legal, formal and abiding.

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Service Not Self

Cromwell Lock:

Cromwell Lock Memorial

In memory of the ten Sappers from 300 Tp, 131 Indep Para Sqn RE (V) who lost their lives on the River Trent on 28th September 1975

Updated: 18th October 2020

John Rock:

John Rock - The History

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AGM 2020:

It is with regret that the executive committee have decided to cancel the AGM at Harrogate and to move it to 2021. 

There were a number of reasons for the decision, all based around the Covid outbreak, but the main concern is the age demographic of the membership. 

The committee decision was unanimous 

Thanks for the work that you have done, hopefully we can pick it up again next year. 

Updated: 1st May 2020


Double Hills:

Double Hills Memorial

Who's behind it and why we should never forget

Updated 3rd April 2018

Book of Valhalla

A Register for the Unforseen

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Update by the Association President June 2020

This year has been an eventful one, especially with one of the wettest winters recorded causing an enormous amount of damage and then followed by the Corona Virus pandemic, which has affected all aspects of life throughout the world.

This pandemic has had a huge effect on everyday life and the resulting restrictions of lockdown and social distancing have of course curtailed all normal activities. This has resulted in all formal Association and Branch activities being stopped for the foreseeable future, including the AEA Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner, which was to have been held in Harrogate this year, courtesy of the Yorkshire Branch.

The decision to cancel this event was not taken lightly by the Executive Council, but in view of the uncertainty of when the restrictions will be lifted and the wellbeing of our members at large gatherings, the Council considered in the circumstances this to be the best course of action. Hopefully, some of the current restrictions will be eased somewhat in the not too distant future and we can all return to some form of normality.

The ramifications of the pandemic have of course had a huge effect on the various commemorations held during the summer with many events being cancelled and the likelihood of the curtailment of others until the end of the year.

There has however, been one positive aspect from the lockdown and that is with modern technology virtual contact is now possible and the Executive Council are planning to hold a full meeting using these means in the near future. Preliminary meetings have been held between some Council members, and I am aware of other branches looking into these means of maintaining contact.

I feel that in these times we should do all we can to maintain contact with our members and the association is there to help should the occasion arise. With these thoughts I will now close and wish all members and their families my best wishes for the future and hope the current situation will soon be resolved.

Stay safe.

John Lee  Lt Col (Retd )
President, Airborne Engineers Association

Update by the Association Chairman June 2020

Hello to you all, I hope that you and your families are keeping well in these troubling times.

It is just over a year since I was elected to the Post of Chairman of the Airborne Engineers Association, and what a year it has been. There have been many highlights, including Chairing my first AGM in Banbury, attending many of the annual memorial services, Melanie and I being invited to the Chatham Branch Christmas Lunch and the launch of the new Wales and West branch of the Association.

The AGM brought home to me the depth of the Association and the many activities in which it is involved. It was especially pleasing to see the number of serving Airborne Soldiers who attended the Gala Dinner.

In November I was proud to present the AEA wreath at the annual service of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London. We had 29 marching, the highest representation the Association has had, and we met with many more friends at the ‘Sherlock’ following the event. This year I have applied for 36 tickets, more in hope than expectation. I am hoping that this event will be spared, but it is looking doubtful as the Royal British Legion are considering cancelling the event.

At the Chatham Branch Christmas lunch, I was asked to make a speech following the meal. As a theme I chose ‘What is the AEA’. I was able to recall stories involving many members present who I have known for most of my Adult Life. My conclusion was that the AEA is an association of Friends that is tasked with keeping alive the memories of Airborne Engineers and sharing them with today’s generation, what they are we once were, what we are they will become!

Melanie and I were especially pleased to attend the second meeting of the New Wales and West Branch in Hereford in January. Over 50 members attended the meeting, most with ‘Hereford Accents’. The aspiration was to have had a formal branch launch at Monmouth Castle in April which sadly did not take place. Congratulations go to Gus Hales, Mick Leather and Gerry Bonner for their efforts in getting the branch up and running.

As you will have heard, the Executive Council have taken the decision to cancel this year’s AGM and Gala Dinner in Harrogate. This was an extremely hard decision to take but we had to consider the health and well-being of the Association Members many of whom are in high risk groups. The intention is that the Yorkshire Branch will now host the AGM in Harrogate in 2021 followed by Birmingham in 2022 and Wales and West in 2023.

It only remains for me to wish you all well and to Stay Safe.

Steve Wallis
Chairman, Airborne Engineers Association

Message from our site Administrator

We're always looking for content for our site. It doesn't have to be related to your time in the Squadron, though that's always good, it can be about anything you're up to now. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has content we can post on our site. Please get in touch via the Contact page, either by the web form or email and I'll get back to you

Many thanks

Dave Pace

Life Vice Presidents

Bob Ferguson
Tom Ormiston
Fred Gray
Ray Coleman
Chris Chambers
Bob Prosser BEM
Dave Rutter

Total Membership Past and Present - 1,500



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