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Our site is here to represent all Airborne Sappers, we hope you find your visit to be interesting and informative. The association is a registered charity No: 1009201 and has a written Constitution to ensure that everything is legal, formal and abiding.

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Updated: 29th May 2019

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Update by the Association President May 2019

This year did not get off to a good start with a number of members sadly passing away, however, we will remember them.

On a happier note, Airborne Engineers seem to making their presence felt in the higher echelons of the Army Command with the announcement that association member Maj General Chris Tickell CBE is to be appointed Deputy Chief of Staff in the rank of Lieutenant General from this coming August. I sent a letter of congratulation on behalf of the association to General Tickell and he replied, thanking me, and hoping 'to see the Association again in the future'.

Also, an ex CO of 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment, Col John Clark, late military attaché to the Prime Minister has been appointed commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade at Colchester in the rank of Brigadier. Our congratulations to both officers and we wish them well in their new positions.

We are now approaching the time of two special commemorations, the 75th anniversaries of both Operation Overlord and Operation Market Garden. As I write this, preparations are well advanced for the D-Day landings at which no doubt there will be many airborne sappers represented. The highlight of the commemorations in Normandy will be the fly past by up to 40 Dakotas and para drop, the largest possibly assembled for many years, a sight worth seeing.
Association members have already booked visits to Arnhem in September and again this will certainly prove to be a memorable occasion, the last big event at which actual participants in the battle will be there.

Nearer home, also in September are the regular memorial services at Cromwell Lock to commemorate those soldiers of 131 Indep Para Sqn who lost their lives on Ex Trent Chase in 1975 on Sunday 22nd, and also the annual service at Double Hills, Paulton on Sunday 1st for the first casualties on Op Market Garden, organised by Peter Yeates. This will be the 40th year of this service and I hope as many members as possible will be able to attend and pay their respects.

In October, the Aldershot Branch will be hosting the AGM and Gala Ball from the 4th to the 6th October at the Whately Hall Hotel in Banbury, this is a new location for us and places are filling up fast, if not already taken by the time I write this. Banbury has lots of attractions and being located in the south Midlands is conveniently located for many of our members. I hope to see as many of you there as possible over the weekend.

As you will be aware our current Chairman, John Ferry, is standing down this year and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking him sincerely for his unstinting work in keeping the association running smoothly.

The following are the contents of a letter received from Lieutenant Colonel S.J. Carvel RE

Dear John,
Thank you for your letter on 1st March. It was wonderful to receive your kind words on behalf of the Airborne Engineers Association at the end of my tenure.

I am extremely grateful for the support you and the Airborne Engineers Association members have given to me, and 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment, over my period in command. Unveiling the new Pegasus Statue and the Operation CORPORATE 35th Anniversary Parade in Aldershot have been two highlights of my time as Commanding Officer - I was delighted to share them with good friends.

I will not be allowed to forget arriving in Hull without my mess dress trousers in a hurry though! I will be sad to leave this appointment but I exit remaining an airborne sapper and member of the Airborne Engineers Association still so I hope to catch up again over a beer (or two).

Please pass on my very best wishes to all your members and safe landings to all in the future.

Enclosed within Lt Col Carvel's letter were a sample of photographs taken during the Colonel's tenure - the Pegasus Statue unveiling in Rock Barracks and the Op CORPORATE 35th Anniversary Parade in Aldershot

John Lee  Lt Col (Ret’d )
President, Airborne Engineers Association

The Chairman's Very Last Update May 2019

Hello Association Members,

Yes, I know I said in the last issue this would be my final short update, hence the strange title, Very Last Update!

Members', we have had one volunteer for the post of National Chairman and we will be voting on this matter at the National OGM in May, however knowing the man as I have for many years, and his capabilities, I am sure he will be voted in unanimously. Therefore I hope to see him in post for the AGM at Banbury.

We have had a tough time during the past 12 months with losing some of our members' including some of our staunch supportive wives, life can be very cruel at times, however we will always remember them in our thoughts.

Members' as I said in the last issue, it has been a pleasure to serve you as the Chairman, and I know you will support the new Chairman and his wife as you have to me and Sandra. I am always amazed at the amount of monies you raise for charities, be it at the AGM or at Branch level, you are a credit to the Corps of Royal Engineers.

UBIQUE my Friends

J. J. Ferry

John Ferry hands over the Association Chairmanship to Steve Wallis


Message from our site Administrator

We're always looking for content for our site. It doesn't have to be related to your time in the Squadron, though that's always good, it can be about anything you're up to now. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has content we can post on our site. Please get in touch via the Contact page, either by the web form or email and I'll get back to you

Many thanks

Dave Pace

Life Vice Presidents

Bob Ferguson
Tom Ormiston
Fred Gray
Ray Coleman
Chris Chambers
Bob Prosser BEM
Dave Rutter

Total Membership Past and Present - 1,500



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