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Obituaries Reference Document
Updated 11th Jan 2019
Roll of Honour Reference Document
Dedicated to the men of the Royal Engineers Airborne Forces who gave their lives In the service of their country

A poppy on any of the index images below indicates that person gave their life while on active service

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Mike Addison
Maj Maxwell James Allison MBE
Ivor Anderson
Lt Col Ifor (Taff) Anthony
Fred Archer

Herbert Samuel (Mick) Asher
Anthony Stephen Henry (Tony) Atkinson

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Nick Bajic
John Baker
Lt Col Paul Baker
Albert Ball
William (Ali) Barber

Charles Keith Barker
Les (Geordie) Barker
Fred Barefield
Charles Keith Barker
Dennis Barker
Les (Geordie) Barker
Martin Barlow

George Barrett
Harry Kinsey Barnsley
George Barrett
James (Dick) Barton
Dennis Bateman
Mick Beadle

Robert R Beaumont
George Bell
George (Dinger) Bell
Lt Col Peter Bennett OBE
James (Darcy) Benson

Brian Blakeway
Alan Bevan
Alec Black
Lt Col (Ret'd) Brian Blakeway
Eric Booth
David Bowron

Walter Bowyer
Patrick (Paddy) Boyce
Kenneth William Branston
Major David A Breese
Alan (Taff) Brice

Syd Briton
Vincent Brimble
Thomas Brinkman
Syd Briton
Bunny Brown
George (Jock) Brown

Ron Burgess
Capt Robert George William Burgess MC
Brian Butcher

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James Campbell
Tom Carpenter
David Carter
John Cable
James Campbell
Tom Carpenter
David Carter
Desmond Carter MBE

Brian Cazaly
Brian Cazaly
Bill Chadd
Lt Col WAB Chappell
Gordon Christie
John Raymond Clegg

Sammy Clyde
Steve Collins
Sammy Clyde
The Reverand Raymond Coats
Ken Coley
Ian Collins
Steve Collins

Harold Covington
Mike (Cooky) Cook
Donald Cooper OBE
George Cosadinos
Harold Reginald Covington
William (Bill) Cox

Jim Crooks
Freddie Crooks
Jim Crooks
ES Cross
Peter (Chips) Curry

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Leonard William Danks
Oliver Dansie
Syd Davies BEM
Anthony Shaun (Dave) Davis
Bill Deakins

David (Shug) Denbury
David (Shug) Denbury MM, QGM
John Dickson
Donald Duncan
Charlie Dunk
Philip Dunkley

Harry (The Raspberry) Dunstan

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Col Dennis Eagan
Phil Eccleston
Charlie Edwards
Charley Elford
Edward (Ted) Ellis

Jack Everite
AJ Evans
Harry Evans
Lt Ken Evans
Ron Evans
John (Jack) Everitt

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Mike Farrow
Geoff Field
Reg Farrell
Michael John Farrow
Tony Feltham
Ray Fiander
Maj Gen Geoffrey Field CB CVO OBE

Mick (Gurney) Fisher
Pegasus buttonised
Mick (Gurney) Fisher
Bertie Amos Fordham
Lieutenant GH Franklin
Thomas Andrew Fraser
Bill Fullen

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Joe Galea
Lawrence (Lofty) Gallagher
George (Gibby) Gibson
Joe Galea
Lawrence (Lofty) Gallagher BEM
Louis Gallagher BEM
Les (Scouse) Gaskell
George (Gibby) Gibson

Bob Gillespie
Ron (Smokey) Gibson
Robert (Bob) William Gillespie
Major (V) TB Gillett
David (Ginge) Goodfellow
Arthur (Herman) Goreing

WC (Bill) Grantham
John (Paddy) Gray
WOII (AQMS) Ron Greenhaigh
Gareth Wyn (Taff) Griffiths
Lt Col John Grosvenor

Peter Guard
Peter Guerin
Major Frank Guy

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Luciano Habert
G Hackney
Bert Haffenden
Ronald (Sammy) Hall MM
Ernest (Tommy) Handley

Pegasus buttonised
Maurice James (Jim) Harding
Pat Harkin
Col George Harris
John Harris
Joe Harrison

John Hart
Charles Robert Haskins
Skeg Hayes
Stan Head
Fred Heads

Charles Hearn
Arthur Hendy
Robert (Tam) Hepburn
Paddy Hewett
Brigadier Garth Alfred Hewish MBE

Roy Hicks
Roy Hicks
Frederick Gordon (Bill) Hill
Lt Col John Hill
Capt. John (Jock) Hinshelwood
John (Jack) Hobbs

Stan Holden
Major (Ret'd) GRJ Holder
John (Jack) Hollis
Col BH Holloway
William Harold Holmes

Paddy Hoon
George Hopkins
Norman (Len) Hook
Paddy Hoon
Maj (Ret'd) Bernard Hooper
George Hopkins
Les (Hoppy) Hopwood

John (titch) Hughes
Mick Hough
Charlie Huggins
Chris (Harry) Huggins
Gareth Hughes
John (Titch) Hughes

Dennis Hunt
Peter Hutchinson
Lt Col Hutton

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Peter Ives
John Iddenden
Charlie Imrie
Bill Irving MM
Taff Iles
Peter Ives

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Maj Tony Jackson
Maj PH James
Raymond Jardine
David A Jewell
Joe Johanson

John Johnstone
Bob Jones
Brian W (Jungle) Jones
Mick 'Jonah' Jones
Roger Jones

Tony Jones
Wilfred Robert (Wilf) Jones

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Bernie Kime
Keith King
Robert Kay
William Alexander (Bill) Kelly
Bob Kennedy
Bernie Kime
Keith King

Roy Kirk
Dave Kitcher
Maurice Sefton Knight
Bob Knowles
Harry Knowles

Ken Knowles

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Billy Lafferty
Barrie Ladlow
Billy Lafferty
Steven (Legs) Lane
Len Lennon
Bert Lesslie

John Lonergan
Maj (Ret'd) Walter Frank (Tubby) Linham
William Graham Livingstone TD
John Lonergan
Dennis Lyons

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Tom March
Major General Eric Mackay CBE
Iain Maclellan
Ken Mallett
Sid Mandy
Lt Col (Ret'd) Tom March

Albert Markham
Allan Marshall
David Martin
PRW (Wally) Martin
John Mason

Ken Maybee
Alan Mayfield
David Mayne
John McCabe
John McCairn

Andrew McIlvenny
Steve McCardle
Justin McCarthy
Bernie McDonough
Major Michael James McGarry BEM OBE
Andrew McIlvenny

Donald Brian McKean
Billy McLellan
Mick Melia
Donald Brian McKean
Alexander (Ginger) McLaren
Billy (The Fish) McLellan
William T McPherson
Mick Melia

Brigadier RM Merrell MBE
Jim Middlemas
George Miller
George Mills
Selby Milner

Rick Mogg
John Minter CBE
Rick Mogg
Harry Moseley
Andy Mount
Ian Muirhead

Lt Col HP Munro TD
Lt Col HP Munro TD
Frank Murray
Peter Myatt

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Matt Newall
Charlie Nealon
Capt Les Neave MM
Maj Russ Neilson
Matt Newall
Mike Newton

Len Noble
Denis Northrop
Geoff Norton

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Colonel EC O'Callaghan MC MBE
John O'Connor
J O'Donnell

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Harold Padfield
Kim Panton
Harold Padfield
Frank Paine
Cummings Joseph (Kim) Panton
Charlie (WAG) Papworth
Ned (Peter) Parker

Leonard Pearson
John Pashley
Col Mike Payne
Leonard Pearson MM
Ralph Pedder BEM
Peter Pellereau

Stan Pellow
Norman Penny
Lt Col (Ret'd) John Martin Perkins
Larry Perry
Doug Phillips

Gordon Pincombe
Gordon Pincombe
Fred Pinkney
John Poultney
Don Pow
Col AJ Poynder MC

Mick Puckie
Bert (Jigger) Price
Mick Puckey
Tom Purves

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Mick Quarikau
Maika (Mick) Quarikau
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William (Bill) Redin
Lawrence Redington
Colin Reid
Vic Rhodes
Bill Ridland

Les Riley
Richard Robb
Major (Ret'd) Ian Robbie
Stuart (Fred) Robson
Ewart James (Jim) Rogers

Maj Syd Rooth MBE
Maj (Tim) JCA Roseveare DSO
Maj (Ret'd) Bill Rudd MBE

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Paul Scoble
Sandy Sanderson
Raymond Sands
Norman Sangwin
Kenny (Pompey) Saunders
Lt Col (Ret'd) Paul Scoble

Bob Seaman
A Scott
Bob Seaman
Major General Peter Shapland
Maj (Retd) John Shave MC
Brian Hyde Shaw

Johnny Simpkins
Tony 'Titch' Shaw
Colin Shepherd
Tom Sherwood
Trevor Simmons
Johnny Simpkins

Gordon Jock Small
James Alexander (Jimmy) Simpson
Eric Skentelberry
Wilf Skinner
Andy Slater
Gordon (Jock) Small

Ken (Geordie) Small
Peter Smith
Ken (Geordie) Small
Alex Smith
John Smith BEM
Len Smith
Peter Smith

Tom Smith
Jim Snape
Robert Stevenson
Tom Smith
Maj (Ret'd) Jim Snape
Peter Stainforth
Robert (Bert)(The Duke) Stevenson
Shuggy Stevenson

Stevie Stevenson
Stevie Stevenson
Joe Stoddart MBE
Harry (Saint) Stokes
Horace Stokes
Arthur Stones

Stanley Sutherland
Sgt Norman Swift

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Wayne Tarbard
John Tharby
Wayne Tarbard
Ben A Taverner
Jim Thackway
John Tharby
Dave Thomas

Capt David Hamlyn (Hal) Thomas
Dennis Thomas
Harry Thompson
George Thomson
Ian Thomson

Tom Thornton
Eric Thorne
Tom Thornton
Joe Timberlake
EM Triggs
Dave Trotter

John (Tommy) Tucker
Tom Tuddenham
Thomas (Tom) Turner

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John Vickerman
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John Waite
Ray Walken
Capt Alan (Jock) Wallace
Arthur Walton
Mike Wardle

Henry Warren
Peter Watt
Tony Webb
John (Mick) Weddell
Roy Welford

Anson Westbrook
Neil Westbrook
David Henry Wheeler
William (Geordie) Wheeler
Bill Whelan

Martin White
Ronald S White
Maj Roy Whittaker
Charlie Willbourne
Cyril Williams

Scott Wilson
Col Peter Williams
George Wilson
Scott Wilson
Mel Winton
Henry Witcherley

Norman Wood
Frank Wolfe
Lt Col (Ret'd) Jim Wood
Norman (Timber) Wood
Peter Wood
Frederick (Alec) Woods

Colin Woodward
Ian Wormald

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Paul Young
Paul (Geordie) (Wolfman) Young
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