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Josh Boggi Motivational Speaking

Two months into his third tour of Afghanistan in 2010, Josh stood on a Pressure Pad Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that triggered beneath him, resulting in the loss of both his legs and his right arm.  The blast also damaged his remaining left hand. Josh also suffered damage to his spine, nerve damage and he also had a pulmonary embolism which Doctors back at Camp Bastion had to fight to control.

"I still remember everything" he says, "I didn’t think it was me at first because I felt no pain and couldn’t see because there was so much dust in my eyes". It wasn't until his colleagues started applying tourniquets that the penny dropped.

Josh says "This may sound bad and some may feel sorry for me, but don't, yes, it changed my life but it changed it for the better".

Read Josh's story

Minimal Risk

Specialists in Project Management, Recruitment and Consultancy

We have been sourcing individuals and building teams of multi skilled, former service specialists: fulfilling full-time and contract positions since 2002 for a broad range of Government and Commercial clients.

By registering with us you will have access to a range of regularly updated job opportunities.

Our team of expert consultants is available to assist you in your commercial career development.

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Skydive Academy

Welcome to Peterlee Parachuting, skydiving over North East England in County Durham, 23 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Peterlee Parachute Drop Zone (DZ) has been operating since 1987. We operate in unrestricted Air Space flying aircraft capable of dropping parachutists from up to 15,000ft. We are central for Tyneside (19 miles) and Teesside (19 miles), have good dual carriageway access from Northumberland & North Yorkshire and we are adjacent to 7 day a week public transport routes.

We are located at Shotton Airfield, 10 miles east of Durham City & 2 miles West of Peterlee. You can contact us by telephone 0191 517 1234 on scheduled office opening days 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 12 noon Weekend & Holidays, or by email any time to:

British Airborne Forces Club

Are you a serving or ex-serving member of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces? If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

The British Airborne Forces Club (BAFC) is solely for the Airborne Brotherhood. If you’ve not passed P Coy and your BPC you are not eligible to join this club. We verify all applicants and our membership process makes us exclusive.

We are a Brotherhood, regardless of unit, and we enjoy a support system among ourselves that’s second to none. We support serving and non-serving members of the brotherhood and their dependents. We have funds that we gather from our annual subscriptions, donations and the events that we run, these funds are used to support our brothers, not just in the UK but throughout the world.

Our annual subscription is £10, that’s it. In terms of membership benefit you get out what you put in by joining in. We currently have two events each year, one in Aldershot (P Coy 10 Miler) and the other in Brecon (Fandance).

So, join us. You won’t regret it because it’s the only way to stay in the Brotherhood whilst in Civvy Street.

‘Ad Unum Omnes’

The World of Dennis Bisskit

About the Author

Stephen Ainley was born in Birmingham U.K. in 1952. He served in The Squadron in the 1970s before emigrating to Australia. He has written short stories and articles for many years but Dennis Bisskit is his first novel. He resides in Western Australia with wife Jane and Irish terrier O’Malley.

Steve's site includes a message board so you can easily get in touch with him.

The sequel to Dennis Bisskit is out now




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