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Wales & West - Dec 2019
Mick Leather - Treasurer

The 1st Meeting of the welsh contingent of the AEA was organised on Saturday 26th October at the Seven Stars Public House, in Clehonger, just outside Hereford. We had a delay because of severe flooding but it was a credit to all that braved the weather to be there and formalise the future of this new branch. There were 13 attendees in all with John Lee having to make tracks to other commitments and therefore couldn’t stay following the delayed start.

This motley crew have basically decid­ed to meet formally 4 times a year to start and expand on that with a view to keep the meetings short and social. The agreed dates will be Jan, April and July 25th which will be Saturdays at 1400 hrs. There will be one in September to coincide with Double Hills. The one in January will be at The Welsh Club in Hereford.

So that is the first thing to put in your diaries if you want to join and get involved in the Branch

We have nominated Clive Lee as President, Gus Hales as Chairman, Gerry Bonner as Secretary and myself, Mick Leather as Treasurer. These posts will all become available at the July Meeting.

We do intend moving it around the area as we fully understand that geographically, we are spread out to the four corners of the area. We have identified at least 60 in the Herefordshire and South Wales area. The thing is you don’t have to attend them all but by becoming a member you will get that contact that the other branches have done so successfully without having to wait every year for the AGM to come around.

We will be writing to all those members that we have knowledge of to formally invite them to join but if you cannot wait please feel free to contact Gus, Gerry or me for details. My contact details are

Wales & West Branch - Inaugural Meeting Oct 2019

Angus Morrison, Gus Hayles, Carl Rhodes, Gary Tickener, Pat Neal, Mick Leather, Arthur Askey, Gerry Bonner, George Firth,
Sandy Reid, Clive Lee and Bert Tate

The inaugural meeting of the new branch of the Wales and West Airborne Engineers Association took place on Saturday the 26th of October 2019.

Twelve interested fellow Airborne Engineers made the journey amid torrential rain and flooding. The meeting started late as transport detours around the floods delayed the proceedings.

The idea to start a new branch had been muted for sometime, but finally took birth from the AGM weekend held in Banbury early October. It was decided to instigate a twelve month form up period to see just what interest is in the area. It has all the makings of a vibrant, well attended branch.

All the office positions are temporary and it was decided on the day not to hold elections until we have a clearer support base. A dozen guys attended some from as far afield as West Wales, Leicester and Shropshire.

We decided on a name 'THE WALES AND WEST BRANCH' and to hold four meetings a year at rotational locations and further special event functions.

The meeting went well, the formal part didn't drag on and we soon found ourselves, should we say socialising in the bar.

The next meeting will be Saturday the 25th January at 2pm in Hereford somewhere, location will be announced nearer the time. If you wish to attend this branch all welcome and please look out for further posts

Gus Hales
Temporary Chairman
Wales and West Airborne Engineers Association.




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