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1 Troop NI 1973

1 Tp 9 Indep Para Sqn NI 1973
Chalky White & Mick Fisher
John Smith Pompey Saunders and John Agnew
Don Stewart
3 Tp Castle Dillon

Paul Clowes
Dave (scouse) Evans, Don Stewart & Jake McKue
Billy Cormack & John Moorhouse

John Sparham
Dave Pace
Pat's section, Spearhead tour NI 1975
2 Troop

Queens Ave Aldershot
Blackdown NATO Assault Course Construction
Search Team 76/77
Pat Neal
John Moorhouse

Jake McKue & John Moorhouse
Ginge Shipway, Sqn bar Bessbrooke
John Moorhouse, Ginge Ford, Dave Pace, John Agnew, Pompey Saunders
Steve Williams
Sqn Rugby Team NI 74/75

Canada 1976
Shuffle Bars
Brian Smith & Taff Lougher
Jon (Bing) Crosby

Taff Lougher
Tony Atkinson & Pete Bates
Kenya 84
Pat Neal & Shez Sheridan, Hong Kong 74

Pat Neal, Ronnie Hedden & Jake McKue
Belize 83, a Force team playing HMS Invincible
2 Tp Wyke Regis 1972
Courtesy of Brenda & Tony Atkinson
Syd Hoyle & Dave Ruddock Aldergrove NI 1971

Sqn Water Polo Team 1971
Plant & Support Tp 1970s
Tom O'Brien & Alan Morrison
Dems training Longmoor, 1972
Rhodesia 1979

Bing Crosby & Paul Dunkley
Butch Glover, Mick Humphries & Kevin Borthwick
Hankley Common, having jumped in at end of NI tour
Hullavington 1977, with 101st Airborne
Northern Ireland 1970

Danny Daniels, Taff Donner & Brian Spivey
Jim Queen
Search Team NI 1975
Frank Ryan & Jake McKue
Tony (Scouse) Hogan

Chris (Satch) McVetis & Colin Bond
Keith King & Russ Raymond
9 Indep Para Sqn RE UN Detachment, Cyprus 1972
3 Troop 69-70





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