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Major Maxwell James Allison MBE


Maxwell Allison

Max Allison died on the 7th June 1996 at the John Ratcliff Hospital in Oxford, after a brief illness. He is buried with his wife at St. Peter's Church Eynsham. His funeral was attended by four members of the AEA and many ex-comrades from his service days and triumphs on the rugby field.

Max was born in 1927, his father being a serving Sergeant in the Education Corps at the time. He joined the Army in 1945, attending No: 9 Short Course at Manchester University. He was commissioned in December 1946 and having completed his parachute training, joined 6th Airborne Division RE (147 Airborne Park Squadron) in Palestine. He transferred to 9 Independent Airborne Squadron via 1st Airborne Squadron and served in BAOR and the UK within Airborne Forces. Following a wide ranging career, including Staff College and exchange appointments in Canada, Max served three years in Berlin, during which time Her Majesty the Queen visited, as did the President of the US.

Max married Peggy Casey a QARANC nurse in 1953. They had two sons, Michael a TA officer for several years, who now lives in the US and Patrick who currently serves as a Squadron Commander in 2nd Royal Tank Regiment in Germany. Most Airborne Sappers will be aware Max represented BAOR and the Corps at Rugby; his photograph features prominently in the Tom Purves book "The 9th."

Max on the right in white shirt
Max front and centre in white shirt



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