Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Andrew Cooper, 14th November 1955 - 14th August 2021



The suitcase appeared first, with A. Cooper stencilled on its lid. A batch of new
members had arrived and amongst them was Andy Cooper. This was Hong
Kong 1974 and the Squadron was on a six month tour. Andy quickly made his
mark as a steadfast addition to 1 Troop. His detached air hid an active and
determined character who could always be depended upon. Nothing, it seemed,
fazed him.

Andrew Cooper was born in Dumbarton on the fourteenth of November 1955
one of five children of a very close knit family. The family moved to Newton
Aycliffe in County Durham for work purposes when Andy was ten years old and
he always retained his Scottish accent. In January 1971 he left home for the JLR.
R.E. at Dover and three years later joined the Squadron. After a good few years
in 9, he left for various postings in Germany and finished up working on and
sailing the yachts of the Army Sailing Club in Kiel.

In 1987 Andy left the Army with the rank of corporal and returned to Newton Aycliffe where he worked in local factories. This never really fulfilled him, but as was Andy’s way he stuck it. Then in 1993 his life changed for the better when he met Maggie and they married in ‘95. They enjoyed foreign holidays and later camping trips all over the UK It was a very happy marriage.

In 1993 I was sitting with a pint in a pub in Fort Augustus when glancing to the other end of the room I saw, sitting at the bar, Andy - but I couldn’t be sure. It was nearly twenty years since we’d last met. Sidling up for a refill I said, “Are you Andy Cooper? “ Instant recognition “Froth! You old so and so”, or words to that effect. I was looking for crew to get to the other end of the Caledonian Canal: Andy with his sailing experience would have been perfect. Unfortunately Andy, who was on a walking holiday, had to return home for work a couple of days later. Had he come with me we might have carried on to the Canaries and then the Caribbean and I wouldn’t have met Lindsey and Andy wouldn’t have met Maggie. Anyway Andy and I had a glorious but hazy weekend and I cherish the memory.

Sadly Andy was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and lost the battle on the fourteenth of August 2021, with his wife Maggie and brother Tommy by his side at the end. He was taken from us too soon and will be much missed. Rest in Peace, Andy, from your brothers in 9 Squadron



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