Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



George Cosadinos

George Cosadinos passed away in 20 January 2012

George was a stalwart member of 1st Para Sqn RE who regularly attended the Sqn reunions in Donington. He served with the Sqn in Tunisia, Sicily and Arnhem.

Serving as a Corporal in the Sqn, Eric Booth regarded him very highly and often referred to him as, "the wonderful chap Cossie" and "You should have seen Cossie"!

On arrival in B Coy within the Sqn he undertook the part time duties as Coy barber. He obviously had a natural flair for this task as he continued in civilian life in the barbering profession. While most individuals retire on reaching the age of 65 years, George continued as the local barber in his hometown beyond his 90th birthday.

A wonderful character with a cheerful outlook on life, he will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of his company.



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