Airborne Engineers Association

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Edward (Ted) Ellis


Ted, my friend and neighbour passed away on 17th June 2011 having suffered from poor health for more than a year. His demise started with prostate problems and his general health took a down turn from there on.

Having served in the infantry during his days of National Service he was to continue his affiliation with the Armed Forces by joining 131 Airborne Engineers Regiment (TA) which during the early 60s was based in Guildford. He later moved to join 301 Para Sqn (TA) who were based in Farnham.

His younger days saw him as a talented boxer with the Onslow Boxing Club, a sport that he had pursued through his National Service period. Clive Fisher, who was also a member of 131, joined him at the Onslow Boxing Club.

Shallow water diving was another sport in which he participated and he travelled extensively around the country pursuing the challenge of new waters. Squash too was to become one of his sports.

As an ardent rugby fan the annual Army v Navy rugby match at Twickenham was not to be missed and on one occasion, as his son Chris will well remember, he got into an altercation with a matelot 3 times his size. Ted standing a whole 5' 5" was no shrinking violet and refused to back down to the giant standing in front of him!

On another occasion at the same venue; in the company of Dave (editor) Tony Manley, John Barrie and myself, he approached 3 young ladies one of whom was attempting to steal Tony's hat. Ted, who due to his chemo treatment was suffering the after effects (swollen breasts) decided to flash these at the girls claiming, "I've got bigger t*ts than you!"

So many alcoholic times together, laugher came easy in his company and he was so good at one-liners.

Let's just remember the good times.



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