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Ray Fiander by Eric Richards


Ray died on the 20th August 2009, he was an ex 'Darland' Boy, he served in the 2nd Parachute Squadron RE, 2nd Parachute Brigade in the Middle East, during the WW II campaign, at Monte Cassino and later dropped in Southern France after D-Day. He later dropped in Athens Greece in 1945 with the 2nd Parachute Brigade when they returned to the UK.

He was with a few other squadron NCO's posted to the RE Airborne Training Increment at Barton Stacy RE Depot Hants, training RE's who were selected prior to P.Coy for a two week fitness training prior to their posting to Airborne Force Depot, sometime later the RE Airborne Increment was disbanded. Ray then was posted to the 32nd RE Armoured Regiment at Tidworth.

During his time at Barton-Stacy, he met his future wife Rhoder, who was also serving in the ATS. After completing his military service, he joined the Kent Constabulary; when he finally retired as their Chief Inspector of Traffic.

He was a staunch member of SE Kent & Thanet Branch of the PRA and with Rhoder & their daughter attended several 'Arnhem' Pilgrimage's -where he, together with 'Tex' Banwell ex 10 Para Battalion, jumped on to 'Ginkel Heath' near, Wolfhazen, Oosterbeek from a private hired aircraft.

He will be sadly missed by his family and those of us who knew him during and after his army service and the colleague's in the Kent Police Constabulary and those few members left of the SE Kent Para Branch at Herne Bay that was his home town before his passing away.




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