Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Arthur (Herman) Goreing


Arthur, who died in 1995 was a member of No: 1 Troop 591 (Antrim) Para Sqn RE. He joined the Squadron in 1943 and served in Normandy from 'D' Day onwards, in the Ardennes and on the Rhine Crossing. His Troop Commander was Frank Harbord who was killed on the Rhine march in 1945.

Arthur was stalwart character who took great pride in his wartime service with 591 Squadron. After retirement from the Construction Industry, he was severely handicapped by emphysema but regularly attended the annual reunions of 6 Airborne Divisional Engineers in London and Normandy Pilgrimages. In spite of his failing health, he attended the 'D' Day Anniversary Ceremonies in June 1994, where he was presented with a commemorative medal, awarded to the Normandy Veterans by the French.

He was an active member of his local branch of the PRA and joined the AEA shortly after its formation. He will be remembered for all he did to keep the Squadron spirit alive. When fifteen members of 591 Squadron met at the "Dedication Ceremony" for the memorial to Airborne Forces at Hardwick Hall in 1987, it was almost entirely due to the efforts of Arthur. He sought out former members and encouraged them to attend, an effort rewarded by the high turnout.

Arthur was a great enthusiast for all matters to do with Airborne Engineers and in particular his Squadron of 591. He will be greatly missed by his many friends.



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