Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Bill Grantham


Bill died on the 6th May 2002. After serving with the 8th Army in the desert Bill became a founder member of the Squadron when it formed in Palestine in 1942 was also a founder member of 1 Troop. Bill took part in the Battle of Arnhem and was one of the few who made it back over the River Rhine after the 'Withdrawal'. He later went with the reformed 1st A/B Division that took part in the Liberation of Norway in 1945.

After leaving the Army he joined the Metropolitan Police where he later served in the C.I.D. On leaving the police force Bill became a Chief Security Officer for an oil company in the Middle East (Bahrain) until taking retirement in the 70's. He was the Hon Secretary of the (Wessex) branch of the PRA. When the Squadron Reunion Club was formed in 1980, due to his past experience, he was elected as its Hon Secretary. Bill attended every Squadron reunion that was held in the Falcon Hotel, Uppingham (Rutland) He requested that his body be donated to Medical Science. (Perhaps to find out what makes Para Sappers become Para Sappers?)

Bill was a member of the 4th Parachute Squadron RE (1942/4 Reunion Club)



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