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A Tribute to David 'Ginge' Goodfellow


Ginge passed away on Monday 13th October and his funeral was held on Friday 22nd October at the Harrogate Crematorium. The service was conducted before a packed congregation of his family, friends and a large contingent of airborne colleagues. His close friend, Richard 'Fennymore' Fleck read the following eulogy. Ginge, as the sunsets on your horizon, I am proud and privileged to be able to call you my friend. My life is certainly richer for having known you.

You were a critic of the world, a man with an opinion and a point of view, never ever accepting the Status quo.

To cover your life in 5 minutes would be impossible but I do recall some of the memories of the time we spent together We grew up in the Sqn in the late 60's early 70's, you were and always will be an Airborne soldier, courageous then and at the end, never ever complaining, a realist who just got on with life.

I remember our trips to Ireland, your altercation with Gerry Fitt MP for Belfast, you were a hero for a day, R & R with your old man and Judith in Rathmoyle was a welcome release, great nights in the Aviary at Antrim, normally ending up at "Canada's Diner" for supper.
The Sqn was your life and you wore the red beret with pride, We left the Shot reluctantly after many happy years and headed for sunnier climes, Cyprus was a 2-year holiday with 62 Sqn, interrupted by a war, and an invasion by the Sqn in 75 who borrowed our bell from the Akrotiri bar and forgot to return it.

I remember you introduced me to Herbie the Turkish plant fitter who tried to marry me off to his daughter, nice try Ginge, not even a part share in a vineyard and a bulldozer could persuade me.

You were posted to the diving centre at Kiel, I went to Osnabruck you convinced me that Diving apart from the extra money was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so my pay increased, thanks for the advice.

You said Berlin was a great posting apart from stagging on in Spandau prison looking after the sole inmate (Rudolf Hess), although when I turned up for relief troop, you disappeared on leave, and I thought we were friends.

We met up again in Ripon, although I recall you spent more time diving on the Caye's in Belize than you did in Claro barracks
In the blink of an eye you became a civilian and the best roller blind salesman in the North, you took up residence in Druids Meadow, this was for me a watering hole on route to and from Scotland and an opportunity to catch up, although I was always reminded about arriving at No 95 to early, you never got out of bed before 12, not for anyone, now that's discipline.

Karen you brought love and cats into Ginge's life and I know you all made him very happy.
Ginge you were a lover of good food & real ale.
Remember the Proms in Ripley Park when we quaffed the magnum of champagne which you were awarded for sales performances, unfortunately we were the worse for wear and by the end of the concert we kind of missed Elgar's `Pomp and Circumstance', and 'Land of Hope and Glory', became a distant memory.

You always enjoyed the art of conversation, a great communicator, perhaps that was why you became a hypnotherapist although I never had the pleasure of being under your spell, I know that you were respected by many who were, you were the difference that improved the quality of life of so many people, a champion of the not so fortunate.

Witty, intelligent, self confident and dependable, you were unique, a man who gave good counsel.

Ginge as darkness falls, I bid you farewell dear friend, I will miss you, but will never forget you, and will forever cherish the memory and hold you close to my heart.



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