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Joe Galea - 17th March 1916 - 28th April 2000, aged 84


Joe Galea

Joe was born in Malta GC, and consequently was often referred to as "Maltese Joe" or the "Falcon". He was a Cpl RE pre WW2 serving with the Malta Section RE and later volunteered for the Overseas Section. Joe played an active role during the Siege of Malta.

Joe served in the 1st Airborne Division, 1st Parachute Squadron RE during WW2 and dropped in North Africa and Sicily. He was a member of the 'Sea tail' to Arnhem, but was unable to join up with his comrades of 1st Airborne Division as the German forces had completely surrounded the Division.

Post WW2 he served in 3rd Airborne Squadron, 6th Airborne Division, 2nd Brigade ("Day off" Brig Bellamy's Bde), then 9th lndep Para Sqn RE as part of 16 lndep Para Bde Gp. Joe was a founder member of 9 Squadron, which was formed in Hameln, Germany in 1948.

Joe at rear, picture taken in Oct 1948 in Hameln

On leaving the service Joe qualified as a seagoing engineer and mining engineer.

The service held on 12th May at Wilfred Hill, Nottingham, was attended by 3 colleagues wearing SAS beige berets, 7 Airborne Engineers wearing red berets, representatives from the British Legion, the Parachute Regiment, members of the Airborne Engineers Association and the Parachute Regiment standard.

As was befitting this fine soldier, Joe was borne to his final resting place by four Airborne Engineers with whom he had served in 1948. He never sought promotion, but he made his mark as an Airborne Brother.

Our most sincere condolences are extended to Joe's daughter Pat, son-in-law Billy and grandchildren Dawn and Julie.

Joe Galea

Joe will be forever Airborne



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