Airborne Engineers Association

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Brigadier Garth Alfred Hewish MBE

Garth Hewish passed away on 17th July 2013.

About 300 mourners, mainly from 59 Cdo and 9 Para Sqn RE past and present, attended his funeral.

During his Army career, Garth served in several theatres and achieved the rare distinction of earning both a commando's Green Beret and an Airborne Maroon beret. He served as 2iC of 9 Indep Para Sqn RE and later as OC of 59 Cdo Engr Sqn RE. He took the commando course at a late age and after one exercise was found fully clothed in combat kit, asleep in an overflowing bath! He was also honoured with an MBE (but not for the over flowing bath incident!).

During his tenure as President of the Airborne Engineers Association he was called upon to deliver 'after dinner' speeches at the Gala dinners. These speeches became a real highlight of the reunions, which often left his audience roaring with laughter.

Garth was a keen sportsman and became actively involved with assisting the Devizes Westminster (DW) Canoe Race Organisation over many years, eventually assisting his friend and business colleague Bob Birt, as an Umpire from 1995. He was also tasked by DW with persuading a member of the Royal Family to be Patron of DW for our 50th year and was successful in arranging for HRH the Duke of Edinburgh to honour DW with this role.

After retiring from the Army, Garth took up a post with Mabey & Johnson the bridge builders and engineers and was involved in the supply of bridges during the Bosnian conflict.

Garth suffered from emphysema for several years prior to his death. He is survived by his wife Shelia, three children and one grandchild.



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