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Roy Hicks, by Pete Owen 301 Squadron 1963-1969

Roy Hicks


Roy was the Squadron cook during my 6 years in 301 and I found him a great bloke and soldier in all respects.
I always marveled at the amazing hot meals Roy would produce for us in the middle of nowhere often using the primitive field kitchen equipment used in those days. Most of us were scared witless when lighting the "flamethrower" petrol burners whereas Roy, like all good soldiers, knew how to get the best out of his equipment. He also had contacts in the right places to be able to serve up on army funds joints of meats far superior to those most of us had at home for Sunday dinner.

The one meal of his I remember most was in April 1965 when 301 Squadron were on annual camp at Al Anad on the Dhala Road north of Aden and I had my 21st birthday just 4 days before our comrades from 300 Squadron were attacked at Al Milah further up the Dhala Road (resulting in the deaths of SSM John Lonergan of 300 Squadron and Sgt Cyril Atfield of 24 Field Engineer Sqn). I expected we might have a few beers on my birthday but on return from the day's working party Roy informed me that he was arranging a special birthday meal for me (no others). It was a brilliant with all of the trimmings. We then had quite a few beers and as the lads were carrying me to the showers I hurled the almost full can I had in my hand over my shoulder — this resulted in my good friend Spr "Jumbo" Newey collecting several stitches above his eye. I have not seen him for a few years, but whenever we meet he always shows me the scar.



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