Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



William Harold Holmes 1931 - 2009


William (Bill) Holmes was born on 5th December 1931. Toward the end of WWII he worked on a farm. He joined the Royal Engineers in 1951 and after training volunteered for 9th Airborne Sqn RE. While he was at Abingdon doing his parachuting they made the film, "The Red Beret" with Alan Ladd. Bill was also in a training film made at this time. It was whilst here that he met his future wife Celia whom he married when he was demobbed; they had 3 children Wendy, Elizabeth and Ian and was later to become grandfather to 7 grandchildren.

He worked for MG car factory and was secretary of their football club. Also during a social evening he won a singing contest as a result of all his practice in the Biffery. He went to live in Wallsend after his marriage broke up and it was here that he met Olive an old friend from the past who was now widowed they later married.

It was around this time he got in touch with his old comrades and started to go to Airborne reunions.

He moved to Long Framlington and carried on his hobby of gardening and spent many happy hours in his greenhouse. After a relatively short illness Bill went downhill fast he lost interest in his garden and going down the pub for a pint. His family are thankful that he didn't suffer. God Bless Dad may you rest in peace.

Bill's family would like to thank his army comrades who came to the Crematorium and took part in the service and later came back to Olive's. The family felt very proud at the presence of his military colleagues, as we know Bill would have been. Thank you all from Wendy and Elizabeth.



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