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Joe Johanson


Joe died on the 18th January 2002. Joe lived in Brockley. Gloucestershire. He joined the squadron in Palestine after serving with the 8th Army in the Desert. Serving with 1 troop, he was wounded during the Battle of Arnhem, taken POW whilst in the KWII Barracks in Appeldoorn, in Holland, which the Germans had allowed our Para R.A.M.C. Doctors to use as an Airborne Hospital. Joe eventually escaped from there with another Squadron Sapper, they were hidden by a Local Dutch Family in Appeldoorn, and were later passed through by the Dutch Underground in the "PEGASUS TWO" route a few months later to the British Army lines.
In 1947 Joe accepted a Commission and later left the army as a Captain. Joe's father was a former Brigadier. It is believed Joe became a property developer in Spain. He attended the Arnhem Pilgrimage's every year and stayed with the Dutch family who hid him.

Joe was a member of the 4th Parachute Squadron RE (1942/4 Reunion Club)



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