Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Steve McCardle


Steve passed away on Saturday 9th June 2007 in hospital from liver failure and extensive portal vein thrombosis. He was 55 years of age.

Steve joined 1 Para on the 9th January 1968 and served in Northern Ireland. In 1973 he joined the Royal Engineers and was stationed at Smuts Barracks in Berlin. In 1975 he spent time with the Engineers Squadron at RAF Laarbruck. In August 1978 he joined 9 Para Sqn and was
stationed in Aldershot and in January 1979 he had 6 months in Belize. In August 1981 he was posted to Nienburg with the Plant Troop. In 1985 he was posted to Chatham with Plant Troop where he was a driving instructor.

He finished his army career at the TA in Failsworth. After Steve left the army he went working as a coach driver for Robinsons Holidays and Wallace Arnold, mainly driving on the continent.

Steve will be sadly missed by his wife Judith and daughter Kelly.



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