Airborne Engineers Association

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John Patrick O'Connor. 1932 - 2018


John was born in the Old Kent Road but at the age of 3 moved with his family to
Mottingham, South London. When he reached National Service age, he was well into his apprenticeship as a bricklayer so his call up was deferred until this was completed.

He was appointed to the Royal Engineers where he made a request to join Airborne Forces as his uncle had served in Airborne Forces in WW2. At this stage 9 Sqn had become an all regular Sqn so John was advised to sign on for 3 years which he did without hesitation.

After qualification John joined 9 Sqn in the Canal Zone and was allocated to 3 Troop where he soon proved his worth. Whatever the task, there was no quibble, he just got on with it. John was always stalwart and the sort of man you wanted by your side when the going got tough. He became the Troop PIAT man as well as the goalkeeper of the Sqn soccer team and sports storeman. On becoming time ex, John returned to Motting­ham, picked up the trowel and joined a 'build your own' scheme which was prevalent at the time. By this stage he was married and moved into a newly built bungalow.

John was held in high esteem in the locality for the high quality of his work mainly on prestigious buildings, churches and the like until he was 74.

Although he joined the AEA Chatham Branch, John was unable to attend the regular meetings but did come along to the annual Christmas Dinner with his whole family as he was so proud of his time as an Airborne Sapper.

He is survived by his ex-wife, son Tony, daughter Shirley and grandchildren.

RIP John - Your 3 Troop Comrades, Blenk, Don, Monty and the 2 Kens.



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