Airborne Engineers Association

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Bert 'Jigger' Price


Bert passed away in September 2008. He has lived a good and honourable life, but said as he lived his life he thought each and every day of his mates of 9 Para Squadron of Operation Freshman, North Africa, Italy and Arnhem.

'Jigger' was friends with most of the Sappers who died at Double Hills, but in particular Sapper John Fernhough (Ferny). Ferny & Jigger were also great friends of Corporal `Jacko' Jackson and Sapper Faulkner, who were murdered by the Nazis after capture in Operation Freshman. The tough Corporal `Jacko' was not executed until February 1943 along with 4 of his comrades and one matlot.

'Jigger' had volunteered for "Freshman" but was given compassionate leave from the urgent training because his father had died. It was too late to resume that training, thus his life was saved. After hearing what had happened on Op Freshman, his mother later said, " It took a life to save a life".

He had fought a brave fight against the enemy at Arnhem but in later years fell victim to the dreaded cancer.

Time and time again his friends tried to persuade him to return on an Arnhem pilgrimage, but stated, "I am ashamed to return because I left my mates on that Rhine River bank, they could not swim and I could"." This was of course typical of him, typical of his unique character, honest and true... right the way through.



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