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Doug Phillips 1933 - 2008 by Len Lennon


Doug collapsed on Sunday 9th November at his home in Stanmore; was taken to hospital but regrettably passed away. Doug and I were great mates and go back a long time. As youngsters we used to go round the streets after an air raid picking up pieces of shrapnel for our collections. On reaching the age of 17 and a half years in 1950; Doug decided not to wait for his National Service call-up and enlisted into the Armoured Corps where he spent 5 cushy years in Germany, while I was crunching sand and eating flies in Fayid and Moascar with 9 AB Sqn.

After our demob we went our separate ways for a while. I joined 302 NB Sqn at Kingsbury finishing my reserve time with them. Doug had met and was 'walking out' with my sister who he later married. They celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary last February.

I talked Doug into joining me in 302 Airborne Sqn, and, while the rest of the Sqn went off to Germany for our annual camp; Doug completed 'P' Coy and his 8 qualifying jumps at Abingdon. He became a valued member of 302 Para Sqn and in a short period of time climbed the promotion ladder to become a SNCO.

Doug leaves a widow; Margaret, sons John and Ron and their respective wives plus four grandchildren.

To me Doug was more than a brother-in-law and I'm going to miss him like hell. AIRBORNE



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