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Eric Richards


Eric Richards has sadly died. He was a Sapper in No.3 Troop, 4th Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers. He took part with the British 1st Airborne Division in Operation Market Garden in 1944.

Eric, a Wasp flamethrower operator, dropped on 18th September onto Ginkel Heath 8 miles from Arnhem. He fought mainly at the large house at Sonnenburg in Oosterbeek. There he took part in an action that fought off German attacks, Eric supplied the grenades to Phil Hyatt who was a awarded a Military Medal. During the evacuation he was wounded and taken prisoner by the German SS 9th Panzer Division. He was imprisoned in Stalag Xl-B, Fallingbostal.

He escaped but was recaptured. He was finally liberated by the 7th Armoured Division on the 16th April 1945.

Post war Eric served in Palestine, Cyprus and Egypt (Canal Zone). He served in the Regular Army until 1953. RIP Eric.

Eric featured in ‘Veterans of Arnhem’ by Keith Collman



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