Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Stuart (Fred) Robson


Fred sadly passed away on 24th February 2008 in St Luke's Hospital in Manila in the Philippines after a long illness of deep vein thrombosis causing further complications. Fred served in the Squadron in the early sixties between 1 Troop and Plant Troop. His unusual sense of humour and long gangly legs made him a terrific asset to the troop. Fred served with 1 Troop in Bahrain and in the Radfan/Aden conflict. On leaving the squadron he took over the running of his in laws hotel in Birmingham. In his own words, "It was not at all successful!"

Fred hen moved out to Australia where he worked on plant until he applied for a job with Global Drilling, a part of the American Santa Fe Group. Starting off as an offshore crane driver he worked his way up to becoming offshore manager for three drilling rigs in the Far East. Which is no mean feat! Fred reckoned it was the incredible amount of flights he was on that might have caused the medical problem.

He leaves his wife Ludina and two boys Brian and Carlos. The Association offer their sincerest condolences!



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