Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Alex Smith — 1st December 1938 to 2nd January 2011


Alex joined 9 Para Sqn in Cyprus as a National Serviceman. He served initially with 2 Troop before being transferred to the MT section.

On his discharge from the Army he joined Mowlams Civil Engineering Company. The company was responsible for MOD contracts world wide. One of his earlier tours with the company was spent in the sunny climates of Kenya.

His last and most extensive tour was in complete contrast to the warm surroundings of Kenya; Alex was to spend 16 years in the reconstruction of Stanley Airport and other major construction projects in the Falkland Islands.

As a keen golfer Alex also undertook to construct a 9-hole golf course for the Islanders. In recognition for this feat he was made Honorary President and returned to the Falklands on numerous occasions to play in the President's Cup Completion.

Friend, colleague and golfing partner, John Hughes, represented the Sqn at Alex's Memorial service.



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