Airborne Engineers Association

Roll of Honour



Harry (Saint) Stokes


Harry passed away peacefully at home in Wraxall. near Bristol on 24th September 2004, aged 85 years.

In 1939, aged 20. he Joined the Royal Engineers (Field Park Company). saw action in northern France and Belgium, as part of the Ill-fated BEF, and was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940. Transferred to the 9th Company (Airborne Division). he worked on south west coastal defences and took part in the airborne invasion of Sicily. There he crash-landed In a glider and under enemy fire, helped to remove charges from the key strategic bridge of Ponte Grande.

He returned to North Africa after a brief period as POW of Italian forces and subsequently took part in the liberation invasion of Italy,          injured in training for the assault on Monte Cassino, he repatriated to England and after hospitalisation, was involved in decoy operations for the D-Day landings. Harry, never forgot his wartime comrades and was regular in attendance at the annual memorial service at Double Hills.

Throughout his life. as sapper, market gardener and in retirement. he was unfailingly loyal, courageous, honest and hard working.



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