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Kenny 'Pompey' Saunders


Kenny died suddenly and unexpectedly of an aortic aneurysm on Sunday 26th April 2015.

His funeral was held on Friday 15th May 2015 at Portchester Crematorium (Near Portsmouth). In attendance were a number of his former airborne colleagues.
He had been an active and well liked member of the Sqn in the 1970s. Whilst serving with the Sqn, Kenny spent numerous tours in NI interspersed with tours in Canada and Hong Kong. Members from all areas of the Sqn remember him with affection. He was a caring and helpful individual he always had a smile on his face.

While serving with the Sqn, Kenny married Pam. Shortly after the wedding they received a 2 year posting to Berlin, this was followed for his last 18 months at the Diving School in Marchwood, Southampton.


After leaving the Army; Kenny spent a few years as a commercial diver before taking a position at the Portsmouth dockyard. He liked the job so much that he stayed there for 30 years with MMD Shipping Services. He progressed from Stevedore, through the ranks to become Operations Manager, coordinating the transfer of over 600k tonnes of fruit and vegetables from freight ships to warehouses, ready for national distribution to supermarkets and independent retailers. Ken's father worked for MMD, his brother still works for MMD and both of Ken's sons have done casual work there too. Kenny was widely regarded the lynchpin of the commercial docks where MMD was based. To many people, Kenny was the docks. It was testament to the man that his funeral was attended by over 200 people, the venue was so full that some were unable to get into the building. I am reliably informed that the Dockyard ground to a halt as there were more Dock workers at the funeral than in their place of work.

Kenny was a very kind and loving family oriented man, who enjoyed an incredibly full life, rich with adventure, experiences and wonderful social life, he leaves behind his wife Pam of 40 years, their sons Matthew and Thomas.

In attendance at Pompey's final farewell:

Dave Ford,
Tom Armstrong,
Paul Mills,
Nat Hague,
Paul Clowes



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