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Tom Tuddenham


Tom, one of the great characters of The Squadron during the Canal Zone era and the late fifties passed away on Thursday 14th May 2015. after a long illness relating to respiratory problems at home in his private residential apartment in Clare Park Crondall. He was ninety two years of age.

Tom joined the Squadron in the early part of the 1950s whilst the Squadron was serving in the Canal Zone and soon made his name as a heavy weight boxer. He went on to represent The Corps, 16 Para Bde and 9 Squadron and he was the 16 Para Brigade heavyweight champion.

Lt Garth Newish (later Brigadier) who also boxed for the Squadron told the story of his first encounter with Tom during an inter-troop boxing contest. As the fight progressed the squadron lads, in their friendly humorous way, began chanting, "Kill the officer, kill the officer". Tom did his best and knocked Garth out with a vicious right hook. After the fight they remained friends until they both left the Squadron a few years later!

Tom served in the Canal Zone, Cyprus and landed on the beach from a landing craft with the remainder of the Squadron after the parachute assault on El Gamil airfield by 3 Para Gp the previous day.

Tom left the Army in the late sixties and sought work in the driving world. He first applied for a position as chauffeur to Lord Montague but was not successful. He then applied for the same position with Lord Calpine and was to stay with his lordship for many years, not only as his chauffeur, but watching out for his young children as well.

After retirement Tom settled in Norwich with his wife Joan (they were married for forty years) and their four sons: Tony, Sean, James, Alwyn and daughter Donna. Tom was an enthusiastic member of the Norwich branch of the PRA and additionally was a member of the AEA. Only distance prevented him from joining a branch of the AEA.

Tom will be greatly missed by his family and many friends in the AEA and the PRA.



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