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Capt Alan (Jock) Wallace


It came as a tremendous shock to his colleagues and friends when Jock died quite unexpectantly (aged 64) at his home in Ripon on 25th February. He served as 3 Troop SSgt in 9 Sqn during 1963-1967, and again as Admin Officer during the period 1975-77. A lifetime friend of Bill Rudd, Jock was an ardent rugby player and was still playing veterans rugby in the week prior to his death. His funeral which was held on Friday 2nd March, was well attended by former Airborne colleagues, army friends and members of the Ripon rugby club.

To his widow Muriel we extend our deepest sympathy.

The following was received via email from Gerry Taggart

I was sorting out photographs and came across this one taken at Petawawa during The Squadron’s Exercise Waterleap there in 1977.  Although the quality’s bad, it shows Jock’s usual “I’m ready”, pose.

I served with Jock twice in The Squadron. The first time when he was a Troop Staff Sergeant and a formidable front row rugby forward ( see below). Second time, he came back as Support Troop Commander and still a good rugby player. He was an inspirational search officer in South Armagh and a great presence everywhere he went. 

I was Staff Officer RE with 3 Commando Brigade just after jock finished there as QMSI RE. The Marines thought he could walk on water! His personality won them over. He and the late, great Reg Orton were legendary sappers in RM circles.

His lovely wife Muriel was from his hometown of Stonehaven, the fishing village near Aberdeen. She always said, “ Alan was the best catch in Stoney”.

This photograph is of the RE and the Gunner Rugby Teams just before the annual highly contested match at Chatham in 1965. The gunners won this match for nine years on the trot ( including this one). Strong team always. RE beat them in 1968 at Woolwich. Spot the six from 9 Squadron  in the team, including Jock, at the front. Robin Jordan ex-9 Sqn is there too in the back row.

Gerry Taggart



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